Hurst Competition Shifter

Before:                  After:

Preliminary steps: Jack the front end of the car up and carefully place jack stands under front of vehicle

1. Prepare to spend ALOT of time like this

2. Remove shifter boot from retainer just under the knob

3. Unscrew (counter-clockwise) the stock shifter knob

4. Carefully pry up the shifter boot and remove

5. Carefully pry up the dust boot and remove


6. Using a 13mm socket, remove the bolt from the shifter linkage

7. Using a 10mm wrench remove the front support arm bolt

8. Using a 10mm DEEP socket, remove the two rear floor mount bolts

NOW CAREFULLY PULL THE SHIFTER UP FROM INSIDE (it will take some creativity)


9. Remove the two plastic bushings from the shifter linkage and the metal sleeve from the support arm

10. Press the bushings into the corresponding spots on the Hurst shifter

11. Carefully insert the Hurst shifter from the inside of the car, and then align it from the bottom

12. Use some grease on the front support bolt, and then using a 10mm wrench, finger-tighten the front support bolt (DO NOT crank this down yet)

13. Align the rear bracket over the new polyurethane bushing, and using a 10mm socket tighten the rear two floor bolts

14. Grease the shifter linkage shaft and insert into the Hurst shifter linkage (make sure the longer/fatter side of the linkage is facing the passenger side) Using a 13mm socket, tighten the shifter linkage bolt.

GO BACK AND RE-TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS! (just be sure not to over-do it on the floor mount studs... you don't want to snap them). Now get back in the car...

15. Using a hex key, attach the chrome HURST shifter handle to the shifter linkage using the hex bolts and star washers. Bolt heads should be on the DRIVER side.

16. Reattach the dust boot (both the bottom seal and the top)

17. Attach the trim ring to the leather boot and slide over shifter handle

18. Press firmly and snap the shifter trim ring/boot back into place

19. Using a 9/16" open ended wrench for the lower adjustment nut, screw and tighten the shifter ball onto the shifter handle

20. ENJOY!